Porcelain Metal Crown

Orthodontic Appliances

Hanks Telescoping Herbst
Turnaround time - 7 days in lab
The Hanks Telescopic Herbst is a functional appliance that by holding the lower jaw in an advanced position, will help improve an underdeveloped mandible and treat a Class 2 molar relationship. The Herbst allows the patient full range of jaw function without binding, breaking, or disengaging due to the telescopic rod and tube.
Porcelain Metal Crown
Sagittal Appliance
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
The Sagittal is a removable appliance that is designed to regain space in the anterior and/or posterior region by using small expansion screws, embedded into the acrylic. This appliance can be designed for either unilateral or bilateral molar distalization and can be fabricated for either the upper or lower arches.
Full Cast Crown
Hawley Retainer
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
The standard Hawley retainers are used when finished with orthodontic treatment to maintain the patients teeth in their new position. View our full screen retainer gallary.
Full Cast Crown
Astron Clearsplint Nightguard
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
This nightguard is used to keep the upper teeth from grinding with the lowers. Ramps and guide planes may be added to reposition the mandible. Additionally, this material is self-adjusting when placed under warm water before inserting in the mouth, making this appliance patient friendly.

If you have questions or would like further information regarding our Orthodontic Appliances, you can contact our Orthodontic Appliance specialist via our contact us form or call Emily at (319) 298-9800.

Additional Orthodontic Appliances

We also specialize in a wide variety of other orthodontic appliances available :

Model Service
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • Finished Study Model
  • Unfinished Study Model
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • Hawley w/Ball clasps
  • Hawley w/C clasps
  • Hawley w/Adams clasps
  • Hawley w/soldered "C" clasps on 4's
  • Hawley w/out clasps
  • Mandibular w/rests
  • Circumferential (Wraparound)
  • SLB w/Adams clasps
  • Hawley w/buccal tubes
  • Max or Mand. 3x3
  • Max or Mand. ACR
  • Ant. Bite plate w/ball clasps
  • Ant. Bite plate w/adams clasps
  • Custom design in palette
Spring Retainers
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • Modified spring retainer
  • Modified spring retainer plus 2
  • Modified spring retainer SUPER plus 2
Invisible Retention
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • Invisible retainers
  • Invisible retainer replacements (4 appliances total)
  • Bleach tray
Fixed Appliances
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • 6x6 lingual arch
  • 6x6 lingual arch w/loops
  • Nance
  • Habit (Thumb/tongue)
  • TPA
  • Band & Loop
  • Bluegrass
  • Distal shoe
  • Lingual 3x3
Fixed Expanders
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • R.P.E.
  • R.P.E. w/acrylic pads
  • Haas R.P.E.
  • Bonded R.P.E.
Arch Development
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • Sagittal
  • 3 way expander
  • Schwartz
Herbst Accessories
  • Crowns/bands (you provide & we fit)
  • Crowns/bands (we provide & fit)
  • Advancement shims (1mm each)
  • R.P.E. expansion screw
  • Soldered wire molar rest
  • Buttons or Hooks
  • Lingual arch or TPA
Splints/Night Guards
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • Astron Clearsplint
  • Hard Acrylic Night guard
  • NTI
  • Processed Ivobase bite splint
  • Gelb (includes 2 ball clasps)
  • Day guard
  • Ball clasps or Wire mesh/braid
  • Anterior/Canine guidance
Mouth Guards
Turnaround time - 3 days in lab
  • Proform mouthguard (with or without strap)