Bar Over-Dentures
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Bar Over-Dentures

Bar Over-Denture are indicated for patients who desire a more reliable and stable removable denture. Cleaning ability is improved because the denture is removable, enabling improved hygiene.

Implant Bar Over Dentures
Peterson Dental Laboratory’s skilled technicians specialize in Hardar™ Bar Over Dentures, Locator® Bar Over Dentures, and when necessary, custom over denture bars. All-inclusive pricing illuminates hidden costs associated with over denture cases.

Implant Over Dentures
Implant over dentures attach directly to abutments secured into implants. Locator® is the premier brand of implant attachment on the market and is preferred by Peterson Dental Laboratory in most situations. Locators® can be integrated into a patient’s existing denture, but are most reliable when integrated into a new metal reinforced denture. See both links under Technical Guides.