Surgical Planning

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Straumann® Smile in a Box is a digital, modular, integrated treatment planning and manufacturing service to cover your surgical and prosthetic indications. This system includes all pre planning guides, bone reduction guides, immediate temporary prosthesis, and final restorations.

To the right is our Smile In A Box step by step process.

Chrome guided Surgery

Chrome guided surgery is the perfect process to have a preplanned predictable guided all-on-x style surgery.

This process delivers anchored bite verification, anchored bone reduction, anchored drilling sites, an accurate anchored provisional, along with a method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion step.

A CT is simply what is required for most cases.

Below is our step by step process. 


#1 - Patient’s pre-op model

The surgical process begins with pulling the tissue away from the bone.

#2 - Photo of Fixation Base & Osteotomy Guide

Windows are provided to be sure the guide is fully seated. Fixation pins are used to stabilize all guides for the remaining parts of the surgical process.

#5 - Chrome Surgical Guide is then used to place the implants in the pre-planned implant sites.

Remove fixation Base and suture tissue. Place implant abutments in the proper position for temporary prosthetic seating.

#6 - Temporary prosthetic is seated and resin cured onto temporary implant abutments.

Patient will heal for 4-6 weeks before permanent nano-ceramic hybrid prosthetic is placed.