Custom Shading

custom shading

Custom shading and staining are services offered to fabricate anterior restorations that are both acceptable and undetectable as a fabricated restoration, and have a natural blend with all remaining dentition.

Custom shading is a procedure where we see the patient either prior to preparation by the dentist or after preparation. Using the Vita 3D Master guide and Classic shade tabs we match up what shade will be used along with picking out the best material to use for the case, keeping value, chroma, and translucency in mind. Photography is an excellent communication tool we also use to document and reference the shade and characteristics as we are fabricating the case.

Custom staining is completing the final steps of fabrication with the patient present to get the exact match. A custom shade done by Studio32, or base shade prescribed by the dentist along with the shade of the underlying tooth structure is used to get the restoration to a bisque stage. A short appointment is set up for the patient with the dentist to have the temporary removed. Under consent of the dentist, Studio32 is able to try the final restoration in at a bisque stage and finalize the surface color, texture, and luster. The patient then has the final restoration in hand to return to the dentist for cementation.