Crystal Ultra
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Crystal Ultra

A hybrid nano ceramic material.

  • 60% Lighter than Zirconia
  • 6x Stronger than Acrylic
    • At 490MPa, Crystal Ultra’s compressive strength is greater than that of any other nanoceramic, acrylic, or PMMA making it one of the strongest nanoceramic materials in use for cosmetic and implant dentistry.
  • Shock Absorbing
    • Crystal Ultra’s .7GPa modulus of elasticity makes it the only ceramic that feels and closely resembles natural teeth.  Its gentle shock absorbing characteristics eliminates the “heavy clacking” typical of traditional Zirconia restorations and will not wear out natural or Denture teeth on the opposing.
  • Repairable chairside
    • Ultra is finished using only light cure instead of an oven for zirconia or press for Emax, meaning that repairs can be done chairside by the Doctor with any light cured composite.